Family and Juvenile Prosecution Launches Child & Family Conciliation Rooms

Esam Issa Al Humaidan, Dubai Attorney General, has inaugurated “Child’s Room” at Family and Juvenile Prosecution. The aim of this room is to enable easy and friendly conversation with the children away from mental pressure and normal interrogation ways and techniques. Family and Juvenile Prosecution have prepared an environment that protects the privacy of the child. The child would be accompanied by female specialists in child behavior to monitor his reactions according to highest global criteria and practices. This initiative aims to protect the children’s rights. Al Humaidan also inaugurated Family Conciliation Room that supports the humanitarian relations in the one family. It also aims to solve any disputes and disagreements between the family members in the cases were DPP prefer to close the case and finish it in amicable way without transferring it to courts.

Al Humaidan made the inauguration during his visit to Family and Juvenile Prosecution accompanied by Advisor/ Yousuf Hassan Almutawwa’, Assistant Attorney General, Advisor/ Khalifa Rashid Bin Dimas, Senior Advocate General, Head of Technical Bureau of the Attorney General, and Adviser/ Mohamed Rustum Bu Abdulla, Advocate General and Head of Family & Juvenile Prosecution. They have inspected a number of programs and projects which were applied last year, along with reviewing developing plans and initiatives for this year that aim to develop the work mechanisms and ease the judicial and administrative procedures with partners and customers.

According to the Attorney General family is the best and greatest project; through it Nations and civilizations are established. DPP attention to this aspect is out of concern for achieving happiness and stability in Dubai. He also stated that family Welfare leads to the Welfare of society.

Dubai Attorney General said that reconciliation and gathering between the disputed parties through emotional and constructive conversation protects the family from separation. These values we have received from our religion and we inherited it from our founding fathers and was affirmed by H.H. Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the Country when he announced the Year of Giving. The UAE was globally classified as one of the first Countries in giving and tolerance. Ha also added that through launching the Child’s room Project and the Family Conciliation Room we hope to construct bridges of giving, conciliation and mercy between the one family and that peace and mercy feelings spread between them.

The Attorney General explained that DPP is keen on performing its community and humanitarian role in spreading giving, charity and forgiveness. This is done through initiatives in the different categories within community, and through caring for its cases and finds positive solutions to bring happiness and stability to community members. This is in line with the future vision and plans of the Government.
Child’s Room
Adviser/ Mohamed Rustum Bu Abdulla, Advocate General, has indicated that a room was prepared for children psychological guidance and it is based on the basis of emotional discharge or releasing the emotional suppression of children through playing and drawing. During such activities, the child would express his struggle and relation with the other family members and with the one in his community, which he represents them in toys that he play with or draw. The room was prepared with decoration, colors and tools that attract the children and feed their interests while distancing them from psychological tension and serious work mode.

The Adviser noted that the categories of children dealt with are the children under custody and referred from Shariah courts, along with child victims in criminal and juvenile cases. The adviser considered the Child’ room project as creating a safe environment in which children can express themselves through various types of games and drawing. This contributes to reveal the aspects in the child's personality and help him to recall past events and to face psychological and behavioral problems that he faces. It allows him to express his hidden and repressed desires along with any aggressiveness and negative inclinations and to transfer it to the game or drawing.

Mrs. Sana’a Rashid Alajmani, Head of Section at Family and Juvenile Prosecution said that the way of investigation with the children is built on basic principles that should be adopted by the psychological specialist. The specialist would start by making a relationship with the child so the child would be comfortable and play or draw in freedom. After that the child would be granted the freedom to choose any games or to make any playground for playing without any interruption, threat, blame, control or punishment. The specialist may participate or not in the games of the child according to his wish. When the child starts integration with the toys the specialist would monitor his way of play and observe the roles performed.

Mrs. Sana’a also added that: the specialist try to have positive impact during participation with the child in his games so she can reveal the conflicts and despair of the child during playing. After the child finish playing, the specialist asks the child about the roles that he gave to the dolls and toys during his play, why he destroy that toy, why he kept other toy by his side, and other questions that reveal the nature of the problem that the child suffer from.
Family Conciliation
In a related subject, Adviser/ Mohamed Bu Abdulla, confirmed that Child’ Room and Family Conciliation Room are launched to protect the relation of the family and to spread the culture of conversation and understanding in solving problems and finding better solutions for all concerned parties. 

He also added that due to the lack of awareness of the importance of the other ways of solving disputes, most of the cases are transferred to Courts as being the only way to solve the disputes. Most of the solutions by the courts are not efficient due to different reasons. Such reasons include that the courts issue the judgment in accordance with the laws, so the essence of the problem is not solved, and the court issue its judgment in favor of one party over the other, so there will be a loser and winner party in one family which may develop to become something that would not be expected.

Statistics in this context indicate a high ratio of reconciliation in the cases submitted to prosecutors in 2016 to reach 39% compared with 36% in 2015.  Regarding the data that indicate an opportunity for establishing reconciliation, prosecutors have experiences that qualify them to measure the level of damage in the cases once; hence they resort to persuade the parties to make reconciliation and tolerance. In cases of abuse and Slander between spouses, when such cases are transferred to the Court, the children are affected by the judgment which is issued against one of the parents.

The aim of creating reconciliation room is to solve domestic disputes between spouses and between family members, and to spread the spirit of tolerance in line with the Government's vision and make settlements between spouses and protect the family and avoid divorce. The consequences of such cases are neglect and displacement of children. This is a judicial mechanism to save and protect the family from separation and divorce in addition to quickness in disposition of cases and disputes. Any of the parties may review his decisions by his free will or through a suggestion from public prosecution, this consolidate human relations instead of filing a case that may end with the conviction of one of the parties.

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