RTA receives 4850 ideas, comments from MBR Smart Majlis

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it had received 4850 ideas and comments since the launch of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Majlis. These comprise 4097 ideas and 753 comments of which the RTA has signed-off 4074 ideas and 742 comments.

“Since its formation in October 2015, the team tasked to catch up with the business of the MBR Smart Majlis has received 4850 ideas & comments comprising 4097 ideas and 753 comments. The signing-off rate within the 10 working days’ timeline set by the Dubai Executive Council has exceeded 99%. According to RTA’s won internal rate of three working days, the closure rate recorded was 99% for ideas and 98% for comments. The team has held 50 regular meetings at a rate of two meetings per week; one with the coordinators of the MBR Smart Majlis, and the other is an internal one during the said period. So far 63 ideas have been accepted, and proponents of 57 ideas have been honoured in recognition of their innovative efforts and valuable improvement ideas,” said Ahmed Mahboub, Director of Customers Service at RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

“The honoring of the team is a testament to its commitment & huge attention to anything received from MBR Smart Majlis and determination to achieve resounding achievement. This initiative is an advanced channel for supporting innovation through receiving and following up all ideas & comments received from the Majlis. One of the objectives of holding regular meetings with the team of MBR Smart Majlis is to sort out ideas & comments unrelated to the RTA, refer them to the concerned other parties, and obviously receive inputs relating to the RTA referred from other entities. 

“The team is keen to ensure that ideas are unique i.e. have not been received before through RTA’s suggestion channels, do not fall within RTA’s future projects, or had been examined in the past. This will eliminate unnecessary duplication and save the time & effort for looking into innovative, creative and new ideas. The team is also coordinating with RTA’s Innovation Team about ideas worth considering in terms of innovation in support this drive, which is a core component of RTA’s strategy. The team comprises representatives of all sectors, agencies as well as directors of CEO offices and the manager of customers care strategy at the RTA. The team is keen on signing-off targets within less than the specified timeline of 10 working days,” stated Mahboub.

“The RTA will study all creative ideas and improvement comments that have the potential of leveraging the services offered to customers. It will spare no effort in communicating with clients, be it citizens, residents, tourists and visitors of Dubai in order to screen their needs and assess the feasibility of their ideas; which will be examined & refined afterwards to make them viable and capable of improving our services. The RTA is charting plans to realize customers’ service needs, and anticipate their expectations.

“The MBR Smart Majlis initiative has opened a window for receiving a whole host of ideas and improvement comments. We will give every attention to realize the objectives of the initiative; which will help realizing the goals of our government in improving government performance to the highest international standards of serving customers and making them happier,” concluded the Director of Customers Service.

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