Dubai Electronic Security Center announces the names of the winners in Innovative Cyber Security Ideas Competition

- The competition aims to encourage the UAE university students to innovate and promote scientific research in the field of cyber security

Dubai Electronic Security Center arranged an honoring ceremony for the winners of the Innovative Cyber Security Ideas Competition, in the presence of university presidents and winning students.

This competition is the first of its kind in Dubai. It aims to encourage the UAE University students to innovate and promote scientific research in the field of cyber security.

The competition received over 70 entries from 18 universities across the UAE, while the evaluation process, conducted by a judging panel composed of cyber security specialists, was based on precise criteria focused on originality of the ideas, ease of use, ease of implementation and the functionality of the proposal.

During the ceremony, Mr. Amer Sharaf, Director of the Compliance Support and Alliances Department in the Dubai Electronic Security Center, delivered a welcome speech praising the efforts of the participating universities aiming to encourage and motivate students in fields of innovative scientific research with a focus on cyber security.  He confirmed that this initiative is in line with the center’s vision to develop a research platform based on innovation in the UAE.

Mr.  Sharaf announced that the initiative will be an annual event awarding the innovative students in the cyber security field, taking into consideration that this initiative is the center’s first step towards supporting and encouraging the partnership with universities in scientific research areas.

Sharaf briefed the audience about the center’s specialization fields which aim to protect information, communication network and governmental information systems in Dubai.  In addition to that, the center aims to upgrade methods of saving and exchanging information amongst governmental entities in the emirate. 

He also stressed that the Center plans to develop, modify and apply the necessary methods in the cyber security field.
Sanaa Al Salamy from Khalifa University, came in first place in the competition, while Ismael Saleh from Heriot-Watt University, came second, and the third place was claimed by a team of students from the University of Sharjah.

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