Hamdan bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management urges participation of business community, academia

The board of trustees of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management called on individuals and business community as well as academicians to take part in the third edition of the award as the deadline for submissions (31 July 2019) is edging closer.

The award whose purse value is AED 2million (about US$550,000) aims to establish Dubai a reputable global hub for project management innovators across small, medium and large enterprises.

Submissions have been pouring in steadily as soon as the opening was declared thus exemplifying the interest of individuals and corporate entities to showcase their projects, iniatives and achivements at this prominent platform. Submissions can be made through the website (http://www.hbmaipm.com/) before the deadline of 31 July 2019.

Winners will be announced during the 6th Dubai International Project Management Forum in December this year.

The award encompasses four categories: The first is the Individuals Category, which includes the ‘Innovative Project Manager Award’ and the ‘Innovative PMO Manager Award’ with a purse of $50,000 each. It covers benefits-based management, cost, time and scope of work management, procurement management, quality management, risks and bottlenecks management, and change, culture and stakeholder requirements management. It also includes projects integration, strategy, portfolio governance, and project management office as well as the communication, resources and improvement of standards and processes of project management.

The second category relates to ‘The Innovative Project Team Award’ with a purse of $80,000. It covers four fields: communication, change, culture and stakeholder requirements management, in addition to risks & bottlenecks and project integration management.

The third category is the ‘Innovative Organisation in Project Management’. It has a purse of $200,000 for the winner, $150,000 for the runner-up, and $100,000 for the third place.

The fourth is the Academic Category involving ‘Research in Innovative Project Management Practises Award’ with a purse of $40,000 and honours researchers who contribute to the development of project management theories and principles. It also includes the ‘Innovative Use of Project Management Practices’ award with prize money of $40,000. It encourages the adoption of project management principles in projects and academic activities opening new horizons for the award and attracting new innovative ideas in support of the award’s objectives.

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