Maktoum bin Mohammed: Commemoration Day stands a shining example for Emiratis

The Deputy Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that the martyr's day will remain vibrant in the conscience of the people of the UAE and an inspiration to our children and future generations.

 HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed said that Commemoration Day is a time of remembrance of the fallen heroes of the UAE who gave their souls to safeguard the independence, sovereignty, and security of their beloved country and to support for brothers in need.

 Through a speech published by the Nation Shield magazine on the occasion of Commemoration Day, HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed said that this is a time when we renew our promise to stay loyal to the land of our forefathers and defend it with our lives.

 HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed also said that the martyrs of the UAE have proven to the world that virtues of standing with their brethren to right what was wronged still exist.


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